Microsoft Teams Phones Overview – Part 2

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Catherine is interviewing Rick Garcia, the Executive Vice President of Modern Work and Marketing at Momentum, an expert in Microsoft Teams Phone. The setup process for Microsoft Teams Phone involves:

  • Ensuring all employees have the necessary license for Teams Phone.
  • Creating auto attendants and call queues for call flow.

Setting up usually takes a short time, except for a 5-10 business day wait for porting numbers and shipping equipment.

Microsoft Teams Phone is suitable for:

  • Organizations with knowledge workers already using Microsoft tools.
  • Organizations with frontline workers needing a phone system, as Microsoft recently made their phone system license more affordable for these users.

The cost includes:

  • The phone license fee, paid directly to Microsoft.
  • A managed service fee (around $11 per user) for building, managing, and supporting the phone system.

Microsoft Teams Phone is secure and complies with various regulations like HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, ISO, and GDPR. Microsoft mandates strict rules and regular testing for operator connect providers, like G12, to ensure reliability and security.

Enhance your team's efficiency and security.

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